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Vision Correction

Many options are now available for the correction of poor vision. Dr. Bunch looks forward to discussing vision problems such as astigmatism and presbyopia, along with corrective options, including glasses, contact lens, and laser surgery.


  • Large Frame Selection
  • Designer Sunwear
  • High Definition Progressive Bifocals
  • Competive Pricing on Eyewear

Our office uses the Carl Zeiss Eye-Terminal. It is a unique dispensary system that combines advanced fitting and measurement precision with enhanced pateint consultation. The Eye-Terminal photographs patients wearing their frames, then automatically calculates measurements for a precise fit. Patients can also view interactive demonstrations of lens enhancements like AR, tints and photochromatic lenses.

Contact Lenses

Whether they are needed for a slight vision correction, astigmatism, or a cosmetic reason, Dr. Bunch can fit clients with the contact lenses that are right for their eyes.

  • Dailies, 2 week Lens, 1 month Lens, Toric, Bifocal, Rigid Gas Perm *

Laser Correction

Dr. Bunch does Consultation and Co-Management for laser correction. He performs initial evaluations and does follow-up care after the procedure. Dr. Bunch refers to Vision Quest and Carter Eye Center.

  • Laser Correction Consultations
  • Laser Correction Management
  • Post PRK & RK Contact Lens Fittings


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