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Eye Care for Plano, TX

Eye care services should be a vital component of everyone's routine healthcare. However, how often you should visit an optometrist depends on your age, current vision issues, and if you are at risk for any chronic eye problems. Our optometrists at Bunch Family Eye Care can provide you with the quality eye care you need, from routine screenings to prescription eyewear and more.


Vision Screenings

Part of the eye care that our optometry office offers includes routine vision screenings. During a vision screening, one of our optometrists asks you to look into a magnifying device with two lenses. The eye doctor will ask you to read the letters you see. We will ask you to read what you see in one eye at a time. This test allows our eye doctor to determine if you have a vision deficit and to what degree.

When you have your vision screening, our optometry specialist will have you look at a series of images. You will identify which one looks clearer out of each pair you see. This test is specifically designed to assess you for astigmatism. This is an essential part of the eye care provided at our office because it helps identify vision problems. It can even help in diagnosing certain eye health issues.

Eye Health Screening

Another aspect of the eye care services we offer is eye health screenings. These tests help our optometrist determine if you have certain eye health problems like glaucoma. Although it does not actually test for glaucoma, it does measure the pressure in your eye. Glaucoma is often associated with high ocular pressure. The optometrist will also use a specialized magnifying device to look into your eyes. This can help us look for retina problems and other similar issues.

Eyewear and Other Treatments

While the testing helps guide our optometrist's decisions on your eye care, this is the part that focuses on finding the correct treatment for your vision problems, such as glasses or contacts. Keep in mind that your vision changes over time and not every eye problem causes noticeable symptoms. Therefore, routine eye care is essential to maintaining your eye health.

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We offer eye care services to Plano and surrounding communities. If you are new to the area or it has been a while since your last eye exam, call our team at Bunch Family Eye Care today at 972-422-2020 to schedule an appointment with one of our optometrists.


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